Mr Neil Toft

Consultant Plastic Surgeon



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Many patients have extra skin hanging from the back of their arms as a consequence of weight loss or increasing skin laxity due to advancing age. This extra skin is both unsightly and can interfere with physical activity. Surgical correction is available to excise the loose skin and restore the shape of the upper arm to a more normal appearance. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and leaves a scar that runs from near the elbow to the armpit. Often these scars settle down very well as they are hidden on the inside of the arm. It is a safe, straightforward procedure with few problems.


Altering the shape of the inner thighs by liposuction alone may not be enough to improve their appearance. Removal of redundant skin and fat arising from significant weight loss, or increasing skin laxity is also possible on the lower limb. If there is excessive skin and fat, excision in both horizontal and vertical directions can improve the appearance of the upper leg significantly. The operation leaves a "T" shaped scar hidden on the inner thigh. A few patients develop minor problems such as infection and delayed wound healing which are easily treated with antibiotics and dressings. The operation requires a general anaesthetic and an overnight hospital stay.