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FAT GRAFTING (LipoStructure®)

Structural fat grafting for cosmetic purposes was developed by Sydney Coleman from New York. Fat grafting involves the transfer of fat from the abdomen to the face either to replace the natural loss of fat from the face with age, or to augment the lip shape, or to remodel large wrinkles and skin folds. The main benefit is that it is a natural, and safe technique as the transferred fat is itself derived from the individual. Coleman fat grafting involves the harvest of small packets of fat from the abdomen using special gentle liposuction. The fat is then prepared using a centrifuge and administered to the chosen site using specially designed cannulae. A general anaesthetic is required to harvest and transfer the packets of fat. Only small amounts can be transferred at one time if success is to be achieved. The amount of transferred fat which survives varies, with a typical expectation being around 70%. This means that more that one procedure (or round) of fat grafting may be needed, to achieve the desired effect. Complications are rare and mostly relate to bruising and swelling which settle quickly. In the unusual event of any unwanted lumpiness or unevenness, this may be corrected by further fat grafting.