Mr Neil Toft

Consultant Plastic Surgeon



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Scar Revision

Many patients have unwanted scars on their bodies through trauma, burns, or as a result of surgery. Such scarring can cause both and psychological distress and functional problems related to tightness. Formation of an unsightly scar may be related to poor previous stitching, or a wound infection, or the individual's propensity to develop stretched or thick scars. Whilst it is impossible to completely remove a scar from the skin, many techniques are available to improve their appearance making them much less noticeable. Mr Toft regularly revises scars using plastic surgery techniques and also by using special sutures (stitches). Furthermore, he uses advanced post-operative scar reduction techniques with silicone, pressure dressings, and tape to maximise the result of the scar revision operation. Mr Toft is able to advise whether your scar can be improved and which method is most appropriate.